save water

When the weather gets warmer, households tend to use more water for showering, watering the garden, and other summer activities. Using more water means higher utility bills. Learn how to save water and money this summer by making these changes in your home.

Low-Flow Faucets Save Water

Adding aerators to all the faucets in your home is an easy way to reduce water usage. Aerators limit how many gallons per minute the faucet dispenses without impacting your water pressure. These faucet add-ons are affordable and easy to install, making this one of the simplest ways to save water.

Replace Showerheads

New showerheads use less water than their older counterparts. Replacing a showerhead is a simple task requiring minimal skill. While you can ask your family members to take shorter showers, it is tough to actually enforce. Low-flow showerheads solve the problem of your family members taking long showers and wasting water by simply reducing the amount of water they use.

Change Your Habits to Save Water

Being mindful of water usage is an effective method for lowering your water bill. When brushing your teeth or shaving, you don’t need the faucet running the entire time. Turn it on to wet your brush, then turn it off for the couple of minutes you are brushing your teeth. Then turn it on again to rinse. The same goes for shaving or even lathering your hands with soap. All too often, the faucet is left running for no reason.

Use a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel attaches to your gutter downspout to collect water that runs off the roof. Of course, you shouldn’t drink rainwater, but there are several other uses for the water that collects in your barrel. Attach a garden hose to the rain barrel spigot and water your lawn and garden or wash the car. This investment gives you free water to use for simple outdoor tasks.

Repurpose Water

Another way to save water that takes a little more effort is reusing household water for other purposes. When waiting for the shower to heat up, collect the cool water in a container and then use it to rinse off the deck or patio. Collect water used to wash fruits and veggies and repurpose it to water houseplants.

With just a little effort, you can reduce your water bill. Try the above 5 tactics to use less water in your home this summer.

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