hire a home professional

Some home projects are DIY-friendly. For example, most people can paint the walls or mount shelves. Other projects, though, should only be handled by a professional. Here are a few such projects you shouldn’t attempt to complete on your own. Hire a home professional for these updates and improvements.

Hire a Home Professional for HVAC Repairs

You can and should change the air filter, replace the batteries in your thermostat, and blow the leaves out of your AC unit. However, an HVAC professional should do any work beyond simple maintenance.

HVAC systems are complex, and well-intended DIY repairs can do more harm than good. Trying to repair your HVAC equipment yourself could also void the warranty on that equipment. It’s not worth risking a gas leak or fire to attempt HVAC repairs. Always rely on a pro.

Plumbing Work

There is a reason why plumbers have to apprentice for many years to earn their license. Plumbing is not easy. Each plumbing repair requires different skills and expertise, from soldering pipes to removing clogs in major lines. One wrong move, and you could end up with a significant leak.

You can certainly plunge a clogged drain or replace an o-ring on a faucet. But beyond that, leave the plumbing to the professionals to avoid leaks and water damage.

Hire a Home Professional for Deck Repairs

Your deck needs to be structurally sound and safe for your family and friends. There is a lot of engineering required to design a stable, safe deck. If the backyard deck needs repairs, call a professional. They’ll make sure the support beams and concrete feet are insecure, reducing the risk of injuries.

Mold Removal

Finding mold in your home is unsettling. The mold can be cleaned up in most cases, and your home can be made safe again. Mold remediation is a project you shouldn’t attempt on your own.

Mold remediation contractors know how to protect themselves when removing mold. They also have the equipment, such as industrial size fans, to dry out the area and prevent the mold from growing back.

Foundation-Related Home Projects

The foundation is the structure that your home sits on. Foundation damage affects the whole house. For this reason, any home projects involving the foundation should always be carried out by a professional. They can identify and address the root cause so that you won’t face the same problems again.

Electrical Work

With electrical work, there is always a risk of shock. It’s safest to leave this work to a professional with proper training and safety equipment. Most homeowners don’t have the skills and training to rewire their home or add a new breaker to the panel.

While it can be good to have a DIY spirit, it’s smart to know exactly what you’re capable of handling on your own. If you need any of the home projects above completed, play it safe and hire a professional.

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