lifespans of household appliances

Appliances are a significant investment for any household. These machines are essential for completing chores quickly and efficiently. Learn about the average lifespans of your household appliances and ways to help them last longer.

Regular Maintenance Will Extend the Lifespans of Household Appliances

One of the best ways to keep your appliances running smoothly is with proper care and maintenance. If you hear unusual sounds or notice a leak coming from an appliance, call a professional to assess the situation. Preventive care is helpful in extending the life expectancy of an appliance and call for repairs when needed. Handling a problem sooner rather than later will help prevent a complete failure of the machine.

When you purchase a new appliance, read the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the functions of the machine. The manual may offer troubleshooting advice in case you run into issues with the operation of the product. Keep the appliance information, including the warranty, manual, and company contact info in your filing cabinet to easily reference in the future.

Lifespans of Household Laundry Appliances

If properly cared for, a washing machine will last between 10 and 15 years. Typically, the better the model, the longer it will last, but even the less expensive brands will clean your clothing for years with proper care. Remove dirt and grime from inside and outside the machine. Don’t overload the washer; this stresses the belt and can cause it to break down.

The clothes dryer can be expected to last 9 to 15 years, with an average lifespan of 12 years. Clean the lint trap after each use and vacuum the dryer vent every two or three months. These steps will help extend the life expectancy of this appliance.

Maintain Your Refrigerator

Depending on the brand, you can expect your refrigerator to work effectively for 10-12 years, while the freezer will last about 11 years with proper care.

The condenser coils help the appliance shed excess heat. Clean the coils at the back or at the base of your refrigerator every three months. Pull the appliance away from the wall to access the coils and vacuum them to remove dust that has accumulated. Keeping them clean will help improve efficiency. If your refrigerator has an ice maker, replace the filter regularly as well. Most models will have a reminder that will tell you when it’s time to change the filter.

Dishwashing Machine

On average, a dishwasher will last 10 years. Get the most out of this appliance by scraping food from the plates into the trash before loading the machine. Bits of food can clog your machine and damage the components. Change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer and keep the door seals clean. Only use your dishwasher to wash a full load. You’ll save water and electricity by reducing the frequency with which you use the machine, and you’ll extend its lifespan.

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