electrical safety tips

Electricity is necessary for a home to function, but it also comes with risks. Electrical issues can cause severe injuries like burns, electric shocks, or even death. Every homeowner should know about electrical safety to keep the home and family safe. Here are 4 electrical safety tips.

Electrical Safety Tips for Power Cords

Don’t use damaged power cords. They can affect your appliances and electronics because they prevent electricity from flowing properly. Damaged power cords can cause electric shocks and start a fire. If you notice exposed wiring, replace it or temporarily repair it with electrical tape while the cord is unplugged.

Never Run Extension Cords Under Carpets or Rugs

Extension cords are helpful but must be used properly to prevent fire hazards. Homeowners may need to use an extension cord permanently but don’t want it to be noticeable so they decide to run it under a rug or carpet. However, this puts your family and home at risk. The cord becomes a tripping hazard and can also overheat and then cause a fire. A better solution to extension cords is to contact an electrician to get additional outlets installed in your home.

Electrical Safety Tips for Outlet Use

While outlet splitters or power strips are commonly used, they often overload the amount of power that one outlet can handle. Major appliances like dryers or refrigerators should be plugged into their own wall outlet. When you add a power strip, it doesn’t increase the amount of power the outlet provides, only the number of items you can plug into it.

Unplug Devices When You Are Not Using Them

This electrical safety tip is easy to follow and also improves the energy efficiency of your home. Unplug devices when you’re not using them. Unused appliances still consume energy when they are plugged in and are more prone to overheating. If you keep forgetting to do this, you can install smart plugs. These allow you to set schedules for each one to make sure your device isn’t consuming energy when it’s not in use.

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